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"Your First Tractor" Table of Contents

Your First Tractor:
Purchase, Operation & Service

by Gary Brown, Rudy Brown & Clay Brown

A First-Time Tractor Buyer's Self-Defense Manual

Table of Contents
Selected Excerpts
About the Authors
Why you need to read this book.

Should I Rent Or Buy?
Hidden gotchas that you discover too late.

Choosing the Right Tractor For Your Job
But you also have to understand what you need it for.

Selecting Between New or Used Tractors
Computerization and efficiency can bite you down on the farm if you don't understand this chapter.

Should I Buy a Zero-Turn Mower Instead?
Avoid common misunderstandings.

How to Inspect a Used Tractor
How to find easily-overlooked issues which will destroy your investment, and ignore seemingly obvious problems which really don't matter.

2- or 4-Wheel Drive?
The conclusion may surprise you.

Shuttle Transmissions
What they are, how they operate, and how to avoid destroying yours within days.

Standard Transmissions
Don't be intimidated into buying an expensive maintenance trap.

Parking Brakes
What can go terribly wrong.

Cooling System
How these systems need simple care you don't normally encounter with your car or truck.

Hard Starting
Figure out this annoyance like a pro and avoid costly and needless service charges.

Safety Considerations
First time on a tractor? Learn what the old farmers knew about safety.

Maintenance and Service
You may be surprised how much you can protect your investment all by yourself.

Protect Your Tractor From Weather
That big piece of steel needs your help against the elements.

Tractor Brands
An overview of the available models.

The most-often misunderstood brand on the market.

Massey Ferguson
Another old hand around the farm.

John Deere
Success with this brand depends on far more factors than the color it is painted or the vast marketing budget.

Find the nuggets, avoid the pitfalls.

What that funny color means to insiders.

and even more brands...

Gray Market Tractors
The easiest trap to spring on a novice.

What you have learned.
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