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Resources For "Your First Tractor" Readers
The First-Time Tractor Buyer's Self-Defense Manual

by Gary Brown, Rudy Brown and Clay Brown
Paperback, 103 pages
Price: $19.95 US

Sneak a peek inside the book.
Shade Tree Conversions, aka, the Tructor Project

The authors, as part of Shade Tree Conversions, LLC, also have produced a guide for converting gasoline vehicles by adding more efficient and powerful diesel tractor engines. Be sure to check out their site for details:

Shade Tree Conversions, LLC.

There, enjoy a video of Gary explaining how that conversion process works, and get a peek at the outside of the Brown tractor shop that launched "Your First Tractor".

Starving the Monkeys

Now that you have your tractor and can better provide for yourself and family, take the next step toward individual independence and read Starving the Monkeys: Fight Back Smarter

Keep an eye on this page for additional resources helpful for first-time, or even experienced, tractor purchasers.
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