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Your First Tractor
The First-Time Tractor Buyer's Self-Defense Manual

by Gary Brown, Rudy Brown and Clay Brown
Paperback, 103 pages
Price: $19.95 US

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For the self-reliant person, a tractor can be an excellent resource, or consume limitless effort and time, depending on the model and how it is maintained. This book guides the reader through the details required to purchase and own a rugged and reliable tractor.

Topics include:

• Common ripoffs and scams; how to recognize and avoid them.
• Newer models often contain hidden flaws or risks, while older models can be diamonds in the rough. Know what to look for.
• Why brands can be deceptive.
• Maintenance tips for decades of reliable service.
• Safety considerations.
• Detailed reviews of common tractor brands.
• Models worth consideration, and models to flee.
• How the serial number can provide clues to recognize a lemon within minutes.

This book can save the reader, novice and veteran alike, hundreds or thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses. By knowing what to look for, what superficial flaws are unimportant, and how to safely and profitably maintain and use a tractor, the reader of this book can start down the path of having a great tractor ownership experience.
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