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Selected Excerpts from "Your First Tractor"

Your First Tractor:
Purchase, Operation & Service

by Gary Brown, Rudy Brown & Clay Brown

A First-Time Tractor Buyer's Self-Defense Manual

Table of Contents
Selected Excerpts
About the Authors
Enjoy these snippets from the Browns' book:

Should I Rent or Buy?

"If you must rent, do a thorough inspection fo the equipment before you leave the rental company and be sure to ..."

How to Inspect a Used Tractor

"I have heard hundreds of people tell me they wouldn't buy a used tractor with a paint job ..."

Cooling System

"If somebody tries to sell you some specially formulated anti-freeze for your tractor for approximately $25.00 a gallon, tell them your Unicorn ate your wallet!"

Hard Starting

"Sometimes the solenoid switch can stick. You can dislodge it by ..."


"I'm surprised at how many people still don't realize that a New Holland is not a Ford ..."

Allis Chalmers

"The only way to fix a Long is to melt it down to a big blob and use it for a shrimp boat anchor ..."

Gray Market Tractors

"I can't help you after you have made a mistake of this magnitude ..."
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