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Introduction to "Your First Tractor"

Your First Tractor:
Purchase, Operation & Service

by Gary Brown, Rudy Brown & Clay Brown

A First-Time Tractor Buyer's Self-Defense Manual

Table of Contents
Selected Excerpts
About the Authors
Buying a farm tractor, new or used, unless you are familiar with tractors, is a little like walking through a mine field blindfolded. Be careful where you step and turn. The big “gotchas!” are waiting for you. If you read this book, you will have the 100-plus years of knowledge and experience of the authors and you will be able to make an intelligent decision. This book could save you thousands of your hard earned dollars. This book is a must-read for people who have never owned a tractor before.

In today’s market buying a used tractor is much more complicated than it was even 40 years ago. Almost everything in the equipment lineup back then was quality; American-made, and had a track record that spoke for itself. But today, especially, if you are considering a new tractor, the market is flooded with what we believe are substandard, low quality, and foreign-made tractors. Today’s current model tractors are less durable products than tractors sold here before. They also have few or no available parts and supplies; and the resale value of a dead mule.

To make it even worse, you can’t just trust the familiar brand names of the past, for instance John Deere, International, Ford (New Holland), Massy Ferguson, etc. Many of the big brand names of our past are selling something bought in Europe, China, India, South Korea or other countries, and are what we consider to be substandard at best.

So even if you have decided to buy a familiar brand name product, you can still be in trouble. This book will help you decide what the best value is for your hard earned dollar.

The authors were raised on farms and have been in the equipment business for over thirty years. What we learned the hard way, you can learn for a few bucks. On the other hand, don't let our opinions in this book, and that's all they are, our opinions, keep you from applying your own good judgement in any particular situation.

That said, tractors are good investments, if you buy the right one. They can also keep your property value up.
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